Administrative Hearing Office

The Administrative Hearing Office (AHO) is a program within Washoe County that facilitates hearings for various code violations also when a citizen does not voluntarily comply with code requirements within the county.

These hearings are requested by the Citizen within 30 days of received notice of civil penalty or by a department or complaining party. Examples of these cases include but are not limited to barking dogs, dangerous dogs,  non-compliance with Washoe County code concerning things like debris build up, dangerous conditions or structures etc.

To Contact the Administrative Hearing Office you may call 775-328-2001 or you may request a hearing in person at the Washoe County Manager's Office located at 1001 E. Ninth Street, Reno, NV 89512 or email with the completed form below attached.

Request Administrative Hearing Form. 

The AHO adheres to specific sections of Washoe County Code (WCC) that covers the subject matter at issue.

Administrative Enforcement Code is located in WCC Chapter 125

Animal related code violations are located in WCC 55.800