Traffic FAQs

Certain provisions for DUI and Juveniles

Consequences for Driving Under the Influence include probation supervision, driver's license suspensions, fines, community service or work crew, substance abuse evaluation, and DUI school. For more information please see Nevada Revised Statute 62E.640

Can I pay a traffic fine instead of coming to court?

No, you must first appear before the Traffic Master at your scheduled time. At least one parent is required to accompany their child. If a fine is imposed, there are many options for payment. Please see our financial obligations page.

When and Where is Juvenile Traffic School?

Juvenile Traffic School is held at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center, 650 Ferrari-Mcleod, Reno, NV. It is held on scheduled Wednesdays from 3:15 to 6:30 pm. Please check in at 3 pm. Classes are facilitated by Nevada Highway Patrol. There is no charge for this class. Late comers will not be admitted.