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Human Resources Mission Statement

Provide pro-active and responsive leadership, resources and a full-range of hire through retire services to support the mission, vision and values of Washoe County.

Laws & Regulations

Washoe County Department of Human Resources follows the Merit Personnel System.  Learn more about what employment laws and regulations and the Merit Personal System in Governance.  





John Listinsky  Director of HR/LR 775 328-2089

Elaine Anagnostou  Office Support Specialist 775 328-2083

Carla Arribillaga  HR Analyst 775 328-2096

Nora Boisselle  Learning Development Coordinator 775 328-2091

Esmeralda Contreras  HR Specialist 775 328-2086

Matt Ellis  HR Specialist 775 328-2097

Ashley Farmer  Benefits Manager 775 328-2088

Jessica Gutierrez  HR Specialist 775 328-2085

Kristie Harmon  Benefits Specialist 775 328-2079

Karen Jeffers  Compensation and Recruitment Manager  775 328-2078

Patricia Knight Assistant Director, HR & LR 775 328-2087

Cathie Korson  HR Manager   775 328-2092

Ramona Martino  Office Support Specialist 775 328-2082

Cole McBride  HR Analyst 775 328-2090

Indu Moore  HR Analyst Lead 775 328-2095

Julie Paholke  HR Analyst 775 328-6383

Vicki Scott  Benefits Specialist 775 328-2099

Christine Tremlin  HR Specialist 775 328-2098

Valerie Wade  Administrative Assistant 775 328-2083

HR Fax Number 775 328-6119

Human Resources Services

The following is a general description of Human Resource functions and is not inclusive of all responsibilities of the Human Resources Department.

HR Administration

The Administrative Function supports the human capital budgeting activities; ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws; conduct workforce planning programs; support and enhance County diversity efforts; administer alternate staffing programs; and research, interpret, maintain, and develop County/employee agreements, ordinances, and Countywide human resource policies.

Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration coordinates, manages and supports the health and wellness, medical and financial benefits available to Washoe County employees and retirees. 

Employee Services

The Technical Services Team handles Classification and Compensation Plans, contract, code and policy administration, employee relations and personnel payroll services.  In addition, the team provides development and technical support and training for SAP Application. 

Labor Relations

Washoe County has 11 labor association representing employees in the workforce. Please visit Labor Relations for detailed information about the Associations and their contracts.

Labor Relations handles all contract issues and/or progressive discipline.

Talent Management

The Talent Management Team is committed to providing qualified candidates in a timely manner to Washoe County departments. Pursuant to NRS, Washoe County is a Merit System, which requires candidates to compete to demonstrate their merit and fitness for positions and requires an open competitive recruitment process, using valid selection/testing instruments. Best practices are used to recruit highly qualified candidates.  Human Resources provides equal employment opportunity based upon federal requirements specified in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection. 

The Recruitment and Selection Team handles all Washoe County recruitments, testing and coordination with departments.

The Talent Management Team provides Strategic Workforce Planning, Individual Development Plans, Learning and Performance, and all related training.  

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Phone: 775 328-2081 Fax: 775 328-6119 Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Washoe County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability or national origin in the activities
and/or services which it provides. EOE

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