Other Ways You Can Help

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**Current Needs**

We are in need of scrapbooking materials to help the Life Books Program for children placed in foster care. Life Books Program creates scrapbooks for the children to help safeguard pictures and important papers such as school awards that tend to get lost. If you are able to help with scrapbook materials, please contact Cile Cogburn at 337-4400.

In-Kind Donations

By donating in-kind goods and services you can help us assist the programs and the foster children we serve. Our foster children can regularly use:

  • Professional beautician services, especially those who specialize in the hair care of African American children.
  • New clothing and shoes of all sizes.
  • Gift cards to local department stores to allow teenagers to opportunity to select their own clothing items.
  • Suitcases, for when our children transition to a new home or reunify with their parent(s).

We also have other specific programs that can benefit from your in-kind contributions:

In home support services:

This program uses volunteer specialists to help “at risk” families face challenging issues so they may keep children in their homes. Here is a listing of the types of in-kind donations you may donate to benefit these families.

Other Ways You Can Help

Kids Kottage Child Abuse Shelter:

The Kids Kottage Shelter provides temporary care for Washoe County’s abused and neglected children until they can safely be returned to their families or placed in a foster home. At Kids Kottage children are given medical, mental health, and educational evaluations and support to ensure their needs are met. Here is a listing of the types of in-kind donations you may donate to benefit children in the Kids Kottage program.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you wish to donate your time and talents as a member of our "Have a Heart Team" please give us a call. Volunteers provide valuable support to our community programs. There may be qualifying criteria for some volunteer positions.

If you have a product, skill, service, or connection to bring to the "Have a Heart Team" today and we’ll be happy to discuss how you can help the "Have a Heart" program and the children we serve. Here is a listing of current volunteer opportunities.

Financial Donations

By donating funds to Washoe County Human Services Agency you can help children lead lives full of promise. Some examples of ways your donation can help are:

  • $2500.00 can provide a new outfit for each child in Kids Kottage child abuse shelter.
  • $1000.00 can purchase 30 new winter coats.
  • $500.00 can provide a foster child dance or martial arts lessons for one year.
  • $250.00 can purchase basketballs and sports equipment for children at Kids Kottage so they can learn important lessons about exercise, teamwork, and dedication.
  • $100.00 can purchase enough socks and underwear for 20 children. Many of the boys and girls who come to Kids Kottage have little when they come to the shelter, even their own socks or underwear.
  • Any and all contributions can be joined to help us meet foster children's
    needs in our community.

If you would like to give a financial contribution please include your contact information and any special instructions for your donation. If you would like to support a specific program, simply specify that program in the notes section of your check. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation for tax purposes. All checks should be made out to:

Have a Heart Fund c/o WCHSA 350 S. Center St. Reno, NV 89502

Have a Heart Contributors

The Have a Heart program is indebted to many caring companies, organizations and individuals who offer their financial support, products, services, time and talents to help us achieve our mission. We want to say thank you to these special people who "Have a Heart" for foster children.