Human Services Agency

Characteristics of Foster and Adoptive Families

The following are typical characteristics of families that provide foster care, or adopt children

  • Competent adults with a demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment and decision-making. Their integrity and conduct shall be above reproach, especially with regard to their role as foster caregivers.
  • Willing to be a team member with the agency in establishing and carrying out agency goals for the child.
  • Possess skills necessary to live amiably as a family group
  • Have the character and personality to give care to children.
  • Accept and respect each child as an individual.
  • Be kind, friendly, and willing to treat all children as their own.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of childcare, childhood development, and of providing care to traumatized children.
  • Be flexible.
  • Participate in and effectively apply training as required.
  • Be prepared to serve as an appropriate role model for foster children and their parents.
  • Present a positive image to the community.
  • Maintain good community relationships.

The following are some general application and legal requirements to being a foster or adoptive parent

  • Provide the name, address and phone number of seven references.
  • Applicants and persons 18 years and over living in the home must be able to pass a criminal background screening as well as a child abuse database screening.
  • No one living in the home may have a prior felony record or record of any misdemeanors involving any sexual offenses, pornography, prostitution, domestic violence, or child abuse.
  • Must be able to meet standards established by Licensing (Home Study).
  • Verification of stable income, sufficient to meet the needs of the family.
  • Foster Parents shall keep confidential information shared by the agency and shall sign a statement of confidentiality at the time of licensure.
  • Foster Parents shall provide routine transportation. Drivers shall have a valid Nevada Driver’s License and proof of automobile insurance.
  • Foster Parents may not use corporal (physical) punishment.
  • Patience and ability to make a commitment to children in need.

In addition, issuance of a foster or adoptive license is dependent upon the completion of a successful home study by a licensing worker.  These are the general requirements as to the necessary condition of the home

  • The home must be free from health and fire hazards and must have a working smoke detector on each floor and at least one approved fire extinguisher.
  • Each child in foster care must have a separate bed. Children of the same sex under the age of five may share a room.
  • The home shall have a telephone.
  • The home shall have an adequately supplied first aid kit. Medications must be kept in locked storage.
  • Firearms and ammunition must be securely locked separately from one another.
  • Foster Parents shall have a written plan of action for emergencies and disasters.
  • Foster Parents shall not be licensed to provide both daycare and foster care at the same time.


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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »