What are the required conditions of my home to become a foster home?

Your home should be clean, adequately furnished, in good repair, free from health and fire hazards and comply with local fire ordinances.  A foster home must be equipped with a smoke detector on each level, a fire extinguisher, a working telephone and a first aid kit. All firearms, ammunition, medication, and hazardous chemicals (cleaning supplies) must be kept locked in storage.  Children in foster care may share a bedroom with another child of the same sex and compatible age; however, a separate bed must be provided for each child.  An individual`s room must have 80 square feet (8` x 10`).  If children share a bedroom, they must each have 60 square feet (120 sq. ft. for two children or 10` x 12`).  Licensing will send you a complete list of requirements after your initial application has been submitted.