Adoption Services

Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) Adoption Program provides the following services to assist birth and adoptive parents in adoption planning to provide and maintain permanent homes for children:
  • Assess needs of children, birth parents and adoptive parents;
  • Ensure the legal rights of children, birth parents and adoptive parents are protected;
  • Provide referrals based on identified needs of all parties;
  • Initiate placement of children into adoptive families;
  • Recruit and evaluate adoptive families;
  • Prepare and provide placement services to children and the adoptive families;
  • Supervise and finalize adoptive placements; and
  • Provide post-adoptive services to birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents for local, international and private interstate adoptions

Adoption can be a very complex process. There are several licensed private adoption agencies located in Washoe County. Services offered may vary from agency to agency, so you are encouraged to contact each agency directly for more specific information. HSA adoption staff welcomes your calls and asks that inquiries be directed to:

Washoe County Adoptions Unit
(775) 337-4470
Adoption Services