Adopt a child: Stephanie, Delilah and Heaven

Stephanie, Delilah and Heaven

STATUS: 100% Available

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10-year-old Girl, born on Feb. 02, 2008
11-year-old Girl, born on Mar. 03, 2007
8-year-old Girl, born on Jul. 31, 2009

Stephanie 8, Delilah and Heaven 7 – Three beautiful girls!

These girls will make you laugh!  They are so cute and sweet at times. And say the darndest things!!! They enjoy old movies and love to dance and sing. They seem to be discovering the world every day anew.  They are eager to learn every day as well and will keep you busy!  They are working on reading so that they can make recipes and help out in the kitchen. These girls like to walk as a family and love exploring.  They love to collect things in nature and are always using their imagination. 

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