Adopt a child: Paco, Hector ,Alex, Nathaly and Hannah

Paco, Hector ,Alex, Nathaly and Hannah

STATUS: Legal Risk

FLAGS: Local Adoption Only

what do these mean?
10-year-old boy, born on Mar. 08, 2007


Paco, Hector are 10 year old twins! These two are like two peas in a pod. As twins they are stuck together like glue and love spending every moment together.  They love to dance to Japanese dance videos which they repeat the Japanese words and sing.   Alejandro, 7, is all boy! He likes electronics and games. Nathaly age 5, is the princess of the crew and knows how to get her subjects to get in line! Hanna age 3, is adorable and likes to play baby dolls. All these kids love animals, the outdoors and swimming. Although five can seem like a lot, the foster parent of the 3 oldest describes them as being amazingly well behaved.

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