Adopt a child: Noah, Ethan, Casey and Chase

Noah, Ethan, Casey and Chase

STATUS: Legal Risk

what do these mean?
8-year-old Boy, born on Aug. 26, 2009
7-year-old Boy, born on Sep. 24, 2010
7-year-old Boy, born on Sep. 24, 2010
5-year-old Boy, born on Dec. 06, 2012

This sweet and silly sibling group is looking for a forever family who will adopt them all together.  Noah is the oldest child and is said to be a very intelligent and curious little boy.  He is quite the little artist and loves drawing, coloring and music.  Ethan is very affectionate, loves to sing and is said to have a “very good voice”. He is inquisitive, vigilant and loves to learn. Ethan and Casey are fraternal twins.  Like his twin, Casey is also an affectionate little boy who is described as sweet and charming.  Casey enjoys time spent on his tablet and strives to make the adults in his life proud of him. Chase, the youngest of these precious little boys is described as a sweet, friendly little boy who loves being a helper.  His favorite show is Paw Patrol.  Chase prefers to play with others rather than by himself.   He enjoys playing with cars and playing games with people, but prefers to be outside whenever possible so he can run.  If you would like to learn more about these adorable, busy little boys please contact Tawnya Robertson at

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