Adopt a child: Leilani, Adrianna, Jeremiah, Mariyah

Leilani, Adrianna, Jeremiah, Mariyah

STATUS: Legal Risk

FLAGS: Flexible Family

what do these mean?
7-year-old Girl, born on Apr. 26, 2011
2-year-old Girl, born on Jul. 26, 2015
4-year-old Boy, born on Jan. 24, 2014
5-year-old Girl, born on Aug. 31, 2012

Leilani enjoys coloring and loves dance class and she would like to continue doing dance.  She makes friends easily. Leilani loves to try new things and loves to be a helper.  She would like to be a teacher when she grows up.

Adrianna is described as loving, sweet little girl with a beautiful smile.  She likes to play with dolls and she shares her toys with other and is very social.   

Jeremiah is described as a sweet and happy boy, he loves to cuddle. Jeremiah loves to play with other children.  His favorite toys are trucks and cars.   

Mariyah is described as happy child.  Mariyah has a great memory and can memorize songs.  She likes to play with baby dolls and loves pretending to be a butterfly.  She loves to help with simple chores around the house.

These children love to play at the park and participate in outdoor activities.

Leilani, Adrianna, Jeremiah and Mariyah need a flexible foster family.  They need a caring and loving family that is committed to be their forever family.

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