Adopt a child: Kari, Camron and Piper

Kari, Camron and Piper

STATUS: 100% Available

FLAGS: Local Adoption Only

what do these mean?
14-year-old Girl, born on Apr. 01, 2004
12-year-old Boy, born on Nov. 27, 2005
10-year-old Boy, born on May. 01, 2008

These three have different personalities, but are quite the team!

Piper likes walking at the park, biking and other exercise, playing with the Wii, or on her tablet and she loves frijoles and cream.  She also likes dresses and dressing up.

Camron loves being active and sports.  You can find him playing basketball, biking and running from sport to sport.  He also likes to do his hair and takes pride in his clothing and how he looks.  He has taken quite the interest in learning Spanish also.

Kari enjoys playing with her baby dolls, watching television and cooking.  All of the kids enjoying going to the arcade and do great at the movies!

The need a family where they are the only children and the parents are committed to them forever.

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