Adopt a child: Hannah, Savanna and Zachery

Hannah, Savanna and Zachery

STATUS: 100% Available

FLAGS: Local Adoption Only

what do these mean?
14-year-old Girl, born on Nov. 23, 2003
11-year-old Girl, born on Apr. 24, 2006
9-year-old Boy, born on Jun. 17, 2008

Hannah is described as a very bright young lady who values school and talking with her friends.

Hannah likes playing her viola and she enjoys water activities. Her favorite food is pizza.

Savanna enjoys arts and craft and playing outside.   She loves to read and her favorite food is tacos.

Zachery likes playing outside, bike riding and video games.  His favorite sport is soccer. Zachery’s favorite food is enchiladas.

Hannah, Savanna and Zachery would like to find a family that likes to go on family vacations and road trips.

Hannah, Savanna and Zachery need a caring and loving family that is committed to be their forever family. 

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