Adopt a child: Delanie and Tatianna

Delanie and Tatianna

STATUS: 100% Available

FLAGS: Flexible Family

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9-year-old Girl, born on Dec. 23, 2008
8-year-old Girl, born on Apr. 12, 2010

Meet Delanie and Tatianna, a pair of sisters who are outgoing, fun and silly.

Delanie is described as a bright, social, and outspoken. She enjoys swimming, riding bikes, playing with the dogs in her foster home and loves to camp.  Delanie also likes to play with dress up clothes and getting her hair done.  She loves Yogurt Beach and having fun. Delanie loves the movie Frozen.

Tatianna is described as silly, social and playful. She loves to play outdoors with her friends and her sister. She likes to play board games, is artistic and loves to swim. She likes Pokémon and the movie Trolls. Tatianna enjoys animals, has an ant farm and enjoys the two dogs in her foster home. She also loves getting her hair done, painting her fingernails and toenails and dressing up. 

These girls would do best in a family as the only or the youngest children with a mom, mothers or a mom and a dad. 

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