Adopt a child: David and Oisten

David and Oisten

STATUS: Legal Risk

FLAGS: Local Adoption Only

what do these mean?
6-year-old Boy, born on Oct. 18, 2011
8-year-old Boy, born on Jun. 07, 2009

Oisten and David are longing for a forever family. These, sweet, fun and active little boys want parents who will love them while providing a safe, structured environment where they can grow, thrive and heal.   Oisten is a friendly little boy who loves to interact with adults.  He loves his big brother and all that being the little brother entails.  Oisten likes playing with his fidget spinner, but loves playing outside.  His favorite super heroes are Captain America and Batman. 

David is a genuinely sweet boy who loves to please others. He is an excellent big brother who looks out for his little brother, but argues with him as siblings will do.  David would love to  have some older siblings.   David’s favorite super hero is Batman.

David and Oisten need parents who are kind, patient, committed and knowledgeable in the ways trauma and neglect affect children.  If you’re interested in learning more about these amazing little boys please contact Tawnya Robertson at

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