Adopt a child: Alexandro and Marvin

Alexandro and Marvin

STATUS: 100% Available

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13-year-old Boy, born on Aug. 10, 2005
15-year-old Boy, born on Apr. 25, 2003

These brothers are happy active children who like listening to music, and watching movies. Both boys love playing sports like football, basketball, and soccer. Marvin’s favorite subject in school is science and he is very interested in spiders. Alexandro says his favorite subject is math. As for pets, Marvin would like a parrot and Alexandro wants a guinea pig.

Alexandro and Marvin favorite food are spaghetti, pizza, pork chops, McDonald’s, Chinese, chicken soup, potato soup, French fries and hamburgers.

Alexandro and Marvin would love a forever home who will adopt them together.  They would like to be a part of a caring and loving family that is committed to be their forever family.

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