Sober 24 program

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The Sober 24 program is a twenty four hour, seven day a week monitoring program in which a participant submits to the testing of their blood, breath, urine, or other bodily substances in order to determine the presence of alcohol, marijuana, or any controlled substance in their body. The program can be used both pretrial and post-conviction.

The goal of Sober 24 is to combat the role that alcohol and drug abuse play in crime and criminal recidivism, particularly for drunk driving and drugged driving and to reduce the number of DUIs and related costs by motivating offenders to change their behaviors.

Since January 2017, approximately 34,000 drug and alcohol test with a compliance rate of 98 percent. The program is cost efficient, based on an offender funded model which significantly reduces the cost to taxpayers. Since January of 2017, an average of $14,150 per month in testing fees and $11,000 in court reimbursements have been collected. Those fees go back into the program to offset the operations.

Sober 24 is not only cost efficient; it reduces jail and prison populations; enhances public safety; and enables offers to change self-defeating behaviors and stop reoffending.

Washoe County thanks the following partners for making Sober 24 possible:

  • Washoe County Department of Alternative Sentencing
  • Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
  • Reno Justice Courts
  • Alta Vista Health