Regional Effort To End Homelessness

Our community has a need for a regional approach to addressing homelessness – one that considers all needs, stakeholders and partners. One that will serve as a regional collaboration platform to help facilitate conversations and align efforts and strategies.


Ending homelessness isn’t just possible — it’s already happening!

Cities and counties just like ours are changing how local housing systems work to ensure an end to homelessness that lasts and leaves no one behind.

Built for Zero is movement of more than 80 communities working to measurably end homelessness. Washoe County joined in April 2020 with a team representing over 30 organizations.

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Regional Efforts to Address Homelessness

Regional Efforts to Address Homelessness

Addressing homelessness includes many different categories of work – that work is interwoven and overlapped, creating a complex system. Though each is unique, movement within one area of the system effects the whole.

There is always another idea, program or direction that we could take, but in order to make meaningful community wide progress our best option is to thoughtfully and purposefully choose to focus… and move in the same direction.

When we can do that, we will see progress in our efforts to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness in our community.

The Regional Efforts to Address Homelessness Matrix is the beginnings of a regional plan to address homelessness and a tool to help focus and prioritize our efforts.

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Regional Resources

Regional Resources

Washoe County Human Services Agency maintains a regional resources site with information and contact information for many of the services and resources available in our community. It can be accessed here


Additional Information

If you are interested in additional information on Regional Efforts to Address Homelessness, please contact Dana Searcy, Special Projects Manager, Office of the County Manager (775) 328-2720 or

Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »