Washoe County Health Infographics 2014

Access to Healthcare and Social Services: Many residents lack the knowledge needed to properly navigate the system.

Access to Healthcare: Many people in the community still lack health insurance.

Alcohol-Drug: Drug overdose deaths have steadily increased since 2002.

Built Environment:  Seniors are greatly impacted by limited access to safe sidewalks and public transportation.

Cancer Screening: The majority of residents are diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stages.

Children: Many children are experiencing homelessness, food insecurity and educational barriers. 

Dental Health: There is an acute shortage of affordable services for low and moderate income persons.

Education: K-12 education is chronically under-resourced and ranked 48 out 50.

Food Security: 26% of children are from homes that cannot reliably provide 3 meals per day.

Hispanics: Hispanics are 17% less likely to have a healthcare provider.

Housing: Unaffordable housing is a major issue for many residents.

Immunizations: Childhood immunization rates have increased since 2003.

Income and Poverty: Poverty is one of the strongest predictors of negative health outcomes. 

Maternal and Child Health: More women are receiving prenatal care in their first trimester. 

Mental Health: Attempted and completed suicides among all age groups are higher here than the US.

Obesity: Obese persons spend 36% more on health care than a person of a healthy weight.

Seniors: Our senior population is growing and so are their health needs.  

Sexual Health: Gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and syphilis rates have all increased.

Tobacco: Hospitalizations for tobacco-related illnesses cost an estimated 266,000,000 here in 2012. 

Top 10: The leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer and chronic respiratory disease. See the other seven.

Violence: Youth here experience higher rates of violent behaviors than youth the rest of the nation.

Last modified on 01/26/2016