Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge Teacher Materials

Thank you for participating in the Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge. Below are all the materials needed to complete the challenge with your class.

Teacher Materials

Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan aligns with Common Core, Next Generation, and Social and Emotional Learning Standards. The standards addressed are listed on each lesson plan (though may vary slightly by grade), and can be easily augmented with the inclusion of a written reflection, explanatory essay, grade appropriate math problems, or other classroom or homework assignment.

Lessons can be changed and adapted to fit with your current curriculum, and are designed to be flexible, such that they align with the needs of your particular classroom. They promote small group collaboration, and aim to increase health knowledge while addressing academic goals in language arts, math, and science. 


The resources below provide information regarding nutrition, nutrition standards, and nutrition education, as well as ideas concerning how to better incorporate physical activity into the classroom.


Physical Activity

Handouts for Students

These handouts are great resources for students to keep in their reading folders and refer back to when necessary.

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Last modified on 01/12/2018