For Health Care Professionals

Encourage patients to be physically active and eat healthy

Health care professionals play an important role in providing assessment, information and encouragement to individuals and families concerned about healthy eating.

Below are images of "prescriptions" that are offered by Get Healthy Washoe to help providers encourage their patients and clients to eat healthier and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  If you would like to request prescription pads, please contact us at

Encourage patients to stop using tobacco products

Studies show that brief advice from a clinician about smoking cessation yielded a 66% increase in successful quit rates. Health care providers are encouraged to talk to their patients and tell them that quitting smoking is the most important step they can take to improve their health. They will listen to you.

Tobacco Cessation Coverage 

The majority of people who wish to quit do not utilize recommended cessation treatments, nor do health care providers when they are trying to help patients quit. This is largely due to confusion on what treatments are covered by insurance companies and what the patient must pay for treatments. However, insurance coverage for tobacco cessation treatments have changed as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now requires all new or non-grandfathered private health insurance plans to cover various treatments based on the Public Health Service-sponsored Clinical Practice Guideline with no cost-sharing such as co-pays.

United States Department of Labor, FAQs about the Affordable Care Act Implementation (Part XIX)

Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, How the Affordable Care Act affects tobacco use and control

Provider Resources

Print the Quitline Fax Referral Form here.

Email or call 775-328-6160 to request 1-800-QUIT-NOW cards and other cessation resources for your office.

Interested in attending a training for service providers about the 5A's? Contact Kelli Goatley-Seals at 775-328-6160 or email for more information.

Email or call 775-328-6160 to request prescription pads that can help providers encourage tobacco cessation