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See Washoe County's Smoke-free Housing list here

It takes only ONE person that smokes in an apartment building for the entire building to be affected by secondhand smoke.

up to 68% of air is shared between units

  • Secondhand smoke contains numerous harmful  chemicals, and exposure to these chemicals is a serious health hazard.
  • Secondhand smoke seeps through cooling and heating systems, light fixtures, ceiling crawl spaces, and doorways.
  • Secondhand smoke cannot be controlled by ventilation, or the separation of smokers from non-smokers. 

 The US Surgeon General has stated there is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure.

The only solution is to make buildings smoke-free.

Everyone has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment.

You can make a difference! Help make your building smoke-free.

Many owners and managers do not realize that secondhand smoke is a problem in their buildings, so the first step is to let them know.


•Keep a log of when and where you smell smoke

•Make a list of solutions you have tried

•Keep track of symptoms and illnesses


•Communicate to the owner/manager that secondhand smoke is a problem

•Encourage neighbors to let the owner/manager know that secondhand smoke is a problem for them as well

•Remind the owner/manager that it is legal to adopt a smoke-free policy, just as it is legal to adopt a policy prohibiting pets, or conditions about noise

•Work together with your owner/manager and neighbors to adopt a smoke-free policy for your building

•Refer the owner/manager to the Apartment Owner and Manager section of this website

•If you have a disability and need help asking your owner/manager for a reasonable accommodation, contact the Silver State Fair Housing Council at (888) 585-8634

•Contact your local elected officials such as a city council member, a county commissioner, or a state legislator to let them know the need to support a healthy and safe environment free from secondhand smoke

Submit complaints about secondhandsmoke here

To learn more, go to:

American Lung Association - Secondhand smoke in your apartment?

Smoke free Apartment Housing Registry

Silver State Equal Housing Council

Call at 775-328-6160 or 775-328-2454