Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

How are we doing?

Approximately 96% of Washoe County's permitted businesses are in compliance with the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. The Washoe County Health District would like to thank these business owners for making our community a healthier place to live!

About the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA) went into effect on Dec. 8, 2006, and prohibits the smoking of tobacco products in most public places and indoor places of employment.

During the 2011 legislative session lawmakers passed Assembly Bill 571 which made changes to the voter-approved Act.

Based on these revisions to the statute, stand-alone bars, taverns and saloons in which patrons under 21 years of age are prohibited from entering, may allow smoking.

Educational materials & toolkit

Thank the businesses you visit for being smoke-free

Thank your local business owners for running a smoke-free business by leaving one of these cards during your next visit. (Spanish version)

Contact information

  • For complaints, call 775-328-2434 or fill out the smoking complaint form.
  • Enforcement and compliance questions: 775-328-2434
  • For questions about the public health impact of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act: 775-328-6160
  • For education or assistance with the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (e.g., presentations, brochures, etc.), contact us by email.