Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge


What is the Coaches Challenge?

The Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge is a voluntary program for elementary school classrooms that:

  • Promotes increased opportunities for physical activity
  • Educates students about healthy eating by including "Smart Snack Standards"
  • Provides lesson plans that match the Common Core Curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards and Social Emotional Learning to reduce burden on teachers

How does the Coaches Challenge work?

Elementary school classrooms and students participate over four consecutive weeks to earn points for prizes by:

  • Eating fruits and veggies in and out of school
  • Participate in one-minute "Brain Breaks" with moving-learning activities
  • Spend 15 minutes doing physical activity in and out of school

Educational lessons are provided for teachers to use during the course of the program and are fully adaptable to fit each unique classroom's needs, while meeting state and federal education standards.  At the end of the program, winning classrooms are selected at each grade level for having the highest average class point totals.

Teacher Materials

Why should my classroom participate?

It's FUN!

  • Prizes are provided to all participants and winning classrooms
  • Teachers are awarded 2 tickets to a Wolf Pack game for signing up
  • Teachers have the option of earning 1.0 in-service credit through MyPGS

It's good for KIDS!

  • Students and teachers can incorporate healthy habits into daily living
  • Student's classroom behavior can improve
  • Physical activity and healthy eating habits can be protective against: social problems, attention problems (ADD and ADHD), oppositional defiant problems, conduct problems and depression and anxiety.

It's EASY!

  • Washoe County Health District provides the curriculum, instructions, participation prizes and classroom posters
  • Nevada Athletics provides the grand prizes

How can my classroom be involved?

The 2020 Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge has concluded. Please look out for the next challenge to be offered in the Spring of 2021.


Contact us: GetHealthy@washoecounty.us

Call at 775-328-2474 or 775-328-6160



This program was partially funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – SNAP.