Healthy Living Forum 2014

Formally known as the Obesity Forum, the Healthy Living Forum was held on Thursday September 18th at the University of Nevada's Joe Crowley Student Union. As the change in name suggests, the 2014 Forum covered a wider range of topics, expanding from obesity, physical activity and nutrition, to further include topics related to tobacco and substance use.

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Presentations: (some presentations were not made available)

Morning Plenary

Tobacco Cessation and the Affordable Care Act

Jennifer Singleterry

Why Diets Don't Work: How the Brain Fights Against Lasting Weight Loss

Sandra Aamodt

Track 1 Presentations:

A look at Marijuana in 2014

Paul Snyder

E-cigarettes/Vapors - A comprehensive Overview

Maria Azzarelli

Youth Trends: Youth are Using What?

Hannah McDonald

Track 2: Presentations

Lesser Known Complications of Obesity

John Ganser

Making Sense of the Nonsense: What to do when it just isn't so

Robert Fredericks

Track 3: Presentations

Collective Impact

John Packham

Afternoon Plenary

Effectively Reaching Young People with Behavior Change Messages

Jeffrey Jordan

Physical Activity and Chronic Illness

Howard Chen

For questions about the Forum please contact Kelli Seals at (775) 325-6160.

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