Childhood Obesity Forum 2010


Preschool, School and College-Age Youth BMI data for Washoe County

Sharon Clodfelter, Biostatistician, Washoe County Health District

National Focus and Recommendations for Reducing Childhood Obesity

Chris Roller, Advocacy/State Health Alliance Director, American Heart Association

School Nutrition and School Wellness Policy and Enforcement

Tony Cook, Washoe County School District Nutrition Services

Safe Routes to School Clara Lawson, Washoe County Engineering

Rebecca Kapuler, Nevada Dept of Transportation

In/After School Programs and School/Community Gardens

Kerry Seymour, UNR Cooperative Extension

Built Environments

Carol Perry, Regional Transportation Commission

Policy and Environmental Change: The ACHIEVE Community

Jennifer Hadayia, Washoe County Health District

Next Steps

Plan for Action

Handouts and Additional Data:

Obesity Facts

Resources on Childhood Obesity

Washoe County School District Nutrition Services Fact Sheet

Washoe County School District Nutrition Services Newsletter

For questions about the Forum please contact Kelli Seals at (775) 325-6160.

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