Menu Labeling

Nutrition Information Available

Look for the light bulb when eating out at local restaurants to know which restaurants are participating.

Menu Labeling

  • Menu labeling is the posting of calories on menus and menu boards.
  • Other nutrition information like sodium, fat and cholesterol is available if someone asks for it.
  • Having this information can make it easier for people to make healthier choices when they eat out at restaurants.

You can do it!

  • Learning about what foods are better for your body and choosing these foods more often can help keep you healthy.
  • Find out more about menu labeling and how this information can help you make healthier choices.

Q and A

Q. Why is menu labeling information important?

A. Nutritional information of food can be useful for many people.  For example, some people have been told by their doctor that they need to have low sodium or low cholesterol foods.  Other people may be trying to lose weight and want to know the calories or fat content of the foods they eat.  This information is on most of the foods and drinks we buy from the store, but until recently it was not available at the restaurants where we eat.

Q. Is menu labeling at all restaurants?

A. No. The Washoe County menu labeling project is a small program that is targeting locally owned and operated restaurants in the Reno/Sparks area.  Large chain restaurants will be required to provided nutritional information as part of the Health Care Reform Act.  Some chain restaurants already have nutrition information available, and others will be required to provide it when the Act takes effect.

Q. My favorite local restaurants don't have nutrition information available.  How can I get this information?

A. We would like to include as many restaurants as possible.  We have not reached out to all restaurants, and many may not know about the program.  Others may not know that their customers want this information.  If you'd like a specific restaurant to participate make sure you let the owner or manager know that having this information available is important to you.  You could also refer them to the menu labeling information on or contact us to suggest that we include them in our outreach plans.

Q. I don't understand the information on the food label.  Where can I learn more about this?

A. Visit the Food and Drug Administration website to learn more about food labels and how to understand them.

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Last modified on 04/20/2017