We Order Well (W.O.W!)- Restaurant Application

Participation is easy and focuses on three forms of dining wellness for youngsters.

  • Include healthy beverage options on kids’ menus, and eliminate sugar –sweetened beverages, like soda. Examples of healthy beverages include plain milk, a plain unsweetened non-dairy milk alternative (g., coconut, almond, etc.), 100% juice, or water. Kids’ meals may not offer soda included in the price of a kids’ meal.
  • Offer fruits and vegetables as part of all kids’ meals. Every kids’ meal must include at least one serving of non-fried fruits and/or vegetables. A serving is defined as a minimum of 1/3 cup.
  • Limit deep fried foods. At least ½ of all kids’ meals do not contain any deep fried items. (Deep frying is defined as cooking food by submerging in hot oil.)

Restaurant Information

If available, please email a copy or picture of your kids’ menu meeting W.O.W! standards. For guidance on how to modify your kids’ menu please email GetHealthy@washoecounty.us.

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Last modified on 08/19/2019