Food Establishment Inspection Results

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This site contains the most recent inspection information for permitted Washoe County food establishments. Inspection reports prior to 2017 may not be available at this time. For more information, check out the Food Establishment Inspection Process page. 

Inspection findings may result in a Pass, Conditional Pass, or Closed status: 


No more than one critical violation observed during the inspection. Critical violation shall be corrected or mitigated during the inspection.

Conditional Pass

Two or more critical violations observed during the inspection. Critical violations shall be corrected or mitigated during the inspection. A reinspection shall be conducted within 24 to 72 hours to verify critical violations remain corrected.



A substantial health hazard exists, or if it is determined that there is a risk of imminent danger to the public, the Health Authority shall suspend the health permit and the establishment must immediately cease foodservice operations.


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Critical Violations:

12b. Required Records: Shellstock tags maintained for 90 days in chronological order

Observed shell stock with no shell tag- product voluntarily discarded. All shell stock must have the shell tag with it during storage to ensure that (1) shell stock is from approved source and (2) no batches have been co-mingled. Ensure shell tag is maintained with shell stock at all times of storage.

20. Proper cold holding temperatures

Observed cold holding on top of prep unit across from kettle at 46-54F- all items rapidly cooled. All cold held PHF/TCS items must be held at 41F or below to prevent the growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria. See violation 32 for equipment. COS.

Non-critical Violations:

32. Proper cooling methods used; adequate equipment for temperature control

Top of prep unit across from kettle not maintaining temperatures. Facility must use ice for cold holding in unit until unit is repaired. This unit has had cold holding violations in previous inspections. Continued violations for same unit may result in increased enforcement, such as suspension pending removal of unit if it is used when broken.

46. Non-food contact surfaces clean

Observed build-up of liquid and potential mold growth on top of dish machine. Thoroughly clean and maintain this area, and ensure that whatever caused build-up is repaired.