What is a cumulative maximum fee for special events/temporary food establishments?

A temporary food establishment which operates at the same special event, in the same location and serves the same menu for at least three times during a calendar year will be eligible for a cumulative maximum fee for the special event. Therefore, the temporary food establishment will be charged the permit fee for the event multiplied by three. Late fees are equal to the total permit fee up to $100.00. Some examples of temporary food establishments that may qualify for this fee are those who sell food at farmer’s markets, recurring concerts, soccer, baseball, softball and other league games. The operation of the temporary food establishment is limited to 14 days per calendar year. If the 14 day limit is exceeded, the operator must submit application for a permit to operate a permanent food establishment and will be subject to all applicable regulations. Note: The cumulative maximum fee does not apply to sample vendors as sample vendors pay a set fee for the entire year and can operate an unlimited number of times during that year with a minimum of five dates required.

Last modified on 08/11/2016