Profile: Aaron Kenneston

Aaron Kenneston
Phone: 775.337.5898

Dr. Aaron R. Kenneston is the Washoe County Emergency Manager. He works at the Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) at 5195 Spectrum Blvd, Reno, NV. His responsibilities include leading Washoe County in planning, training, responding, mitigation, and recovery from all hazards.

A long-time Nevada resident, Dr. Kenneston has lived in locations throughout the State of Nevada.

Dr. Kenneston served on active duty in the Army National Guard for almost 25 years and retired as a Colonel. During his career in the military he performed many emergency management roles. He responded to floods, fire, civil unrest, Y2K activities, State-level security events, as well as search and rescues. As Nevada’s military support officer he was a member of the State Search and Rescue Board, worked closely with the Division of Emergency Management (DEM), and ran a military Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

As the Washoe County Emergency Manager he has participated in several major exercises with Regional agencies and jurisdictions. He has also served during County, State, and Federally declared emergencies such as the Snow Emergency, flooding, Air- Race tragedy, and numerous wild land fires affecting urban areas.

He serves on the Local Emergency Preparedness Committee, and leads several special Task Forces for the State Homeland Security Commission.

Dr. Kenneston has several advanced Degrees, and is a graduate of many professional schools. These include both the Army and the Air Force Command and Staff Colleges, the Logistics Management College, and both the Army and the Air Force War Colleges. He has attended numerous emergency management courses taught by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. He is a Certified Emergency Manager and a graduate of the National Emergency Management Executive Academy.  

He is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers, the International Public Safety Association, and the Nevada Emergency Preparedness Association.

Dr. Kenneston can be reached by phone at 775.337.5898, by fax at 775.337.5894, or by email at