Short-Term Rentals

Page updated: 02/22/2021

The short term rental agenda item has been rescheduled for the 2/23/21 Board meeting. 
The Board is scheduled to conduct a first reading of the ordinance at this meeting, followed by second a reading and adoption at the 3/23/21 Board meeting.


View the most recent STR Presentation here, (Feb. 23, 2021 STR Presentation to the BCC, WDCA19-0008, Introduction and First Reading)

View Incline Village Crystal Bay Citizen Advisory Board (IVCB CAB) Meeting Minutes and Audio below

View the most recent staff report here (this version contains public comment received after publication of the original report).
View the most recent DRAFT STR Ordinance here.

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Archived / Past Updates:

  • The 8/25/20 Board meeting was canceled due to issues with Zoom. 
  • View STR Presentation here  (Presented at the Incline Village / Crystal Bay Citizen Advisory Board on Feb. 2, 2021)



Washoe County is in the process of establishing standards for short-term rentals in the unincorporated County (outside of Reno and Sparks)*. During summer 2019, the first phase of public outreach was completed, including three public workshops, a series of stakeholder meetings and an online survey. That input was used to draft approaches for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners (Board), who provided direction on those recommendations in November 2019. Draft code language reflecting public input and Board direction was then made available for public comment through mid-December. Updated draft code language was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on Jan. 7, 2020. The draft ordinance was reviewed by the Board Feb. 25, 2020, where they directed staff to make additional changes. Those changes have now been incorporated into an updated draft that will be presented to the Board February 23, 2021 (at or after 1:30 p.m.) for a possible introduction and first reading. If the Board moves the ordinance forward, a second reading and possible adoption is tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2021. These will be public meetings, but will be held virtually via ZOOM. Information about how to participate in the Februrary 23rd meeting will be posted to the Board of County Commission's Meetings website.

What is a short-term rental?

Short-term rentals are generally operated out of private residences such as homes, apartments and condos. They are commonly made available through property management companies and online booking services such as Airbnb and VRBO. They are also commonly called vacation rentals, and are generally booked for fewer than 28 days.

What does the County want to achieve?

Washoe County intends to establish simple, fair and enforceable standards for short-term rentals that balance competing interests and maximize voluntary compliance.

What are staff's recommendations?

After significant research, public engagement, analysis, and direction from the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners (Board), an updated set of draft standards will be presented to the Board for consideration at their February 23, 2021 meeting. View the staff report. 

Highlights of staff recommendations (current proposals only; not adopted):

  • Short-term rental permit required for all STRs operating in unincorporated Washoe County.
  • Every STR must have a designated 24/7 responsible party who can respond to issues within specific timeframes.
  • Limit of one STR per parcel (with the exception that a legally permitted accessory dwelling on-site could also potentially be used as an STR).
  • Annual renewal of STR permit required.
  • Applicable room taxes must be paid. 
  • Issuance of County STR permit does not relieve the property owner of complying with other applicable codes, regulations, statutes or other restrictions, including private CC&Rs that restrict such a use (property owner still responsible for compliance with recorded CC&Rs).
  • Three permitting tiers are proposed based on maximum occupancy. Additional restrictions and/or permitting requirements will apply at higher tiers.
  • Designated parking spaces to be provided on the property in a sufficient number to cover the STR's maximum occupancy.
  • Occupancy limits to be based on internationally recognized safety codes/standards, and may be further limited by availability of on-site parking and/or self-limitations imposed by the property owner.
  • Minimum fire, safety and defensible space standards will be applicable.
  • Prior to issuance of STR permit, inspection(s) will need to be passed. Cost of inspections will be paid for by applicant.
  • Cost-neutral fee structure designed to ensure implementation and enforcement of STRs is paid for by STR owners.
  • Wildlife-resistant trash carts or bear sheds needed in bear-prone areas.
  • Quiet hours are proposed for 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Decibel-monitoring devices required for STRs with two confirmed noise violations.
  • Appropriate liability insurance specific to STRs will need to be obtained.
  • Three-pronged approach to enforcement includes: (1) actively pursuing licensing compliance; (2) annual inspections; and (3) 24/7 complaint hotline with confirmed violations resulting in fines and potential penalties such as revocation.
  • Fines/penalties to be structured to be significant enough to deter violations, with fine amounts being based on a scaled system that increases with number of violations.
  • Three confirmed violations in 12-month period to result in revocation and 12-month cooling off period.

It is important to note this is not an exhaustive list and represents recommendations from staff to the Board for their consideration.

*What is "unincorporated Washoe County"?

Unincorporated Washoe County includes those areas of the County located outside of the city limits of Reno and Sparks. It includes areas such as Incline Village, Washoe Valley, Spanish Springs, Hidden Valley, Sun Valley, portions of Verdi and Cold Springs, and others. If you’re not sure if a location is within unincorporated Washoe County, click here to find out.

Public engagement

Washoe County held three public workshops in August 2019 regarding short-term rentals. Two workshops were held in Incline Village and all workshops followed a similar format intended to gather feedback on concerns, possible solutions, and opportunities associated with establishing standards and a permitting process. An online survey was also available until early September for those unable to attend the public workshops or those who wished to provide expanded comments.

Survey and workshop topics included: short-term rental permitting requirements; Incline-specific concerns; fire and guest safety; and possible impacts to quality of life such as parking, trash, or noise. Public input from the survey and workshops has been used to assist County staff in their efforts to establish simple, fair and enforceable standards for short-term rentals.

View Public Input Survey Report (PDF)
View workshop presentation (PDF)
View FAQs about short-term rentals (PDF)

Next steps

The draft ordinance was reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners Feb. 25, 2020, where they directed staff to make additional changes to the ordinance prior to an introduction and first reading. The updated ordinance will be presented to the Board on February 23, 2021 (at or after 1:30 p.m.) for a possible introduction and first reading. If it is moved forward, a second reading and possible adoption are tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2021. Information on how to participate in these virtual meetings is provided in the agendas, which will be posted online the week prior to the meeting.

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