BLM Land Sales and Exchanges Fact Sheet

 The Washoe County Economic Development and Conservation Act:

 Summary: The purpose of this section of the legislation is to give Washoe County a stronger role in determining the county’s priorities for development and sale of federally managed lands. The intent is to allow the county to propose land to be developed in support of our continued growth and need for housing, business and infrastructure development to support our residents. 

  • Gives Washoe County a key role in nominating which federally managed lands should be available for sale or exchange within the identified disposal boundary.
  • Lands eligible for sale or exchange would be those lands held by Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service identified in the disposal boundary to help allow development while not encouraging sprawl
  • Annually, Washoe County may nominate to the federal land managers specific parcels, subject to valid and existing rights and authorized uses, for sale or exchange.  The land will stay in control of the federal government until the land is sold, and they have final authority to determine if parcels can be sold.
  • At the request of Washoe County, the federal land managers shall postpone or exclude certain parcels from sale. This allows Washoe County and the federal land managers to stop a sale or exchange they feel is not in the best interest of the county at that point in time or has conflicts that would not allow for the sale to go forward.
  • Under this legislation, the proceeds from the sale or exchange would go to: 10% directly to Washoe County, 5% the State of Nevada for education, and 85% would stay in Washoe County for the Department of Interior to use to pay for land actions, drought mitigation, wildlife prevention and for Sage-Grouse habitat, etc. (without legislation, the proceeds would go into the US General Treasury and would NOT stay within the County or the State).
  • The land transfers that exist in the bill are for use by public agencies only and can only be used for a public purpose.
  • If the land is not used for its intended purpose as outlined in the bill then the transfer would reverse and ownership would revert to the original Federal agency who previously managed the land.
  • Many of these lands transfers are parcels where the requesting body currently has a lease from DOI for the land.  These transfers allow for that governing body to continue their current practices on the land without the oversight of the Federal Government.