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  • Tahoe Area Plan
    The Washoe County Planning and Development Division is updating the Tahoe Area Plan to come into conformance with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Regional Plan. The Tahoe Area Plan is the Master Plan for the portion of Washoe County that is in the Tahoe basin. Learn more about the Tahoe Area Plan.
  • Cargo Containers
    The Board of County Commissioners has asked staff to review the Washoe County Code related to cargo containers and the requirement to obtain a permit for those types of storage structures.  The intent of this review is to simplify Washoe County Code. Find out more by reading our frequently asked questions on cargo containers.
  • Don't Risk Grading without a Permit! As more construction occurs in the unincorporated areas of the County, less flat land is available upon which to build.  As a result, the County has seen a significant increase in the number of grading permit applications submitted. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase illegal grading activity.

    Please be aware that contractors grading without a permit will be reported to the Nevada State Contractor's Board. In addition, property owners who have their parcel graded without the appropriate permits can face a possible criminal citation, including fines and/or jail time, as well as administrative enforcement measures and civil citations.

    For detailed information about the County's grading regulations, please review Article 438 of the Washoe County Development Code.

    Click here for a grading permit application.


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