Washoe County Development Code (Chapter 110)

The Development Code is Chapter 110 of Washoe County Code. 

Washoe county development code (full document)

New!  Medical Marijuana Establishment Use Types (Ordinance 1527) effective April 18, 2014

**  Please Note:  Effective January 20, 2012, with the adoption Ordinance 1479, Chapter 130, Community Services Department, several department and division names were modified to reflect the new organizational structure.  The new structure is not reflected in most Chapter 110 articles! 

Functions of Public Works, Water Resources, Building and Safety, Parks and Open Space and Community Development are now housed within new divisions of the Community Services Department (CSD).  For example, Community Development functions are now housed within the Planning and Building Division.  For more on the CSD:  CSD homepage

Warning! The Washoe County Development Code is a dynamic document subject to revision. Please contact the Planning and Building Division to be sure you are viewing the most recent version.

For information on other chapters of the Washoe County Code, including the most recent ordinances, please contact the Office of the County Clerk at (775) 328-3084. Click here to access other chapters of the Washoe County Code. 

For questions regarding the Development Code, contact:
Planning and Building Division Planning Counter
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