Marijuana Establishment Business Licenses

This page provides information on how to apply for a Washoe County Temporary Marijuana Establishment (TME) business license or a Medical Marijuana Establishment (MME) business license.  You can apply for either TME or an MME license in person at our office or mail your complete application with fees to our mailing address. 

This page will also display information about any recent or upcoming actions concerning marijuana establishments by the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners (Board).

The link below provides information on licensed marijuana establishments (ME), and the status of ME business license applications in unincorporated Washoe County.

Board Actions

Recent or Upcoming Board items concerning Marijuana

On July 25, 2017 the Board adopted code amendments, this is to allow for temporary marijuana establishment business licenses.  These code amendments will enable recreationl (aka adult use) marijuana in unincorporated Washoe County with temporary business licenses.

For quick information on the public review process for requests to relocate an MME, please review our frequently asked questions, below.

Frequently Asked Questions  
Photos of Medical Marijuana Establishment Dispensaries

Temporary Marijuana Establishments (TME)


Nevada voters approved Initiative Petition No. 1 (Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana) in November of 2016.  Passage of the Initiative created NRS Chapter 453D, Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana.  The Nevada Tax Commission subsequently adopted regulations to create NAC Chapter 453D to enable the production and distribution of recreational (aka adult use) marijuana by the temporary licensing of marijuana establishments (known as the Quick Start program).

The TME regulations adopted by the Board enable the Quick Start program in unincorporated Washoe County.  All TME business licenses expire on April 1, 2018Only MMEs with an issued State registration certificate in good standing, a State temporary marijuana establilshment license, and a current Washoe County MME business license may apply for a TME business license.  Marijuana distributors with a State temporary marijuana establishment license as a distributor may also apply for a TME business license.

Washoe County TME business license applications without the State temporary marijuana establishment license will not be accepted.  Use the details below to contact the Taxation Department for information on how to obtain a temporary marijuana establishment license.

TME business license application process and information
Washoe County separately licenses five types of TMEs:

  1. Marijuana cultivation facility
  2. Marijuana product manufacturing facility
  3. Marijuana testing facility
  4. Retail marijuana store
  5. Marijuana distributor

Business licenses are valid for unincorporated Washoe County only.

TME business license application
TME Application and Instructions
(Note:  A TME application cannot be accepted without a copy of the Nevada State temporary marijuana establishment license for the establishment)

Important Note:  Business License staff will accept TME applications starting on July 26, 2017.  
However, staff cannot accept the license application fee ($77.75) until August 4, 2017.
Applications which have received all agency approval may be issued on August 4, 2017 after license fees are paid.

Medical Marijuana Establishments (MME) 

MME business license application process and information
Before submitting an application for a MME in Washoe County, please review the following information:

Washoe County separately licenses four types of MMEs:

  1. Facility for the production of edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products.
  2. Medical marijuana cultivation facility.
  3. Medical marijuana dispensary.
  4. Medical marijuana independent testing laboratory.

Business licenses are valid for unincorporated Washoe County only.

Any person desiring to operate an MME in unincorporated Washoe County must first obtain a provisional registration certificate from the Nevada Department of Taxation.  Washoe County MME business license applications without the provisional certificate will not be accepted.  Use the details below to contact the Taxation Department for information on how to obtain a provisional registration certificate.

MME business license application
MME Application and Instructions
(Note:  An MME application cannot be accepted without a copy of the Nevada State provisional registration certificate for the establishment)

MME business license renewal
A business owner must provide a copy of their valid, renewed Nevada State registration certificate along with their reported gross receipts and appropriate renewal fee.

Business License Contacts

Nevada State Department of Taxation

Carson City:
1550 College Parkway, Suite 115
4600 Kietzke Lane, Building L, Suite 235

Washoe County Business License Contact:

Mail your completed application to:
Washoe County Business License
P.O. Box 11130
Reno, NV  89520-0027
Apply in person at:
Washoe County Business License Counter
1001 E. Ninth Street, Building A, 2nd Floor, West End
Reno, NV  89512
Business License Phone:  775.328.3733
Fax:  775.328.6133