How Can I Obtain an Autopsy or Examination Report?

Copies of the autopsy or examination report and the toxicology report, when completed, are available to specific persons as listed in the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and Washoe County Code (WCC).

The following people are able to request a copy of these reports:

  • Legal next-of-kin
  • Parents
  • Adult-aged children
  • Attending physicians
  • Law enforcement officers, as required to carry out official duties
  • Any person who (by subpoena) seeks information for use in a judicial proceeding

Please complete the form below and send it, and a copy of a photo ID, to the Washoe County Regional Medical Examiner's Office.  Requests must be submitted by mail or delivered in person.  Examination reports generally take ten to twelve weeks to complete.

The decedent's legal next-of-kin may request one copy of the report at no charge.  The fee for any other person to request a report is the actual cost of printing.   

Examination and Toxicology Report Request Form