Electronic Permits

Electronic Building Permit Submissions

We are now accepting electronic submissions of building permit applications.

Electronic Permit Applications 
Use for: New, Additions, Remodels, Solar, Accessory Structures
Use for: New, Tentant Improvements, Additions, Site Improvements
Use for: Commercial and Residential
Use for: Commercial and Residential


Submitting Electronic Permits

Electronic Building Permit Submittal Training
Would you like training on how to apply for a Building Permit online in a quick informational session of 30 minutes?The Washoe County Building Division offers free training sessions on the Electronic Building Permit and Plan Submittal process.

  • Trainings will be hosted as needed.  So please send us your RSVP in order to help us determine a most convenient schedule at Building@washoecounty.us
  • Trainings are held at the Washoe County Complex, 1001 E. Ninth Street, in Building "A" on the 2nd floor,
    Mt. Rose Conference room.


Washoe County Building Staff will contact you for payment on submitted applications

If your reroof job is located within a active HOA a copy of the HOA approval letter must accompany your application submittal in order for it to be processed. 

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