EZ Permit

Washoe County Building and Safety Department is pleased to announce our new EZ Permit process.  Contractors and home owners can now obtain permits by sending a completed application to Building and Safety by fax or email.  Payment will be by credit card, with the permit card sent to the applicant via fax or email.  Permit types that presently qualify for EZ Permit are residential Utility, Reroof* and Demo permits, along with business license inspection and special inspection permits.  Utility permits encompass water heaters, ACs, furnaces and any minor plumbing, mechanical or electrical work not requiring plans. Please note that EZ Permits do not include any interior remodel work.  Interior remodel permits must be submitted as normal through our office.

This is an interim step until we can rebuild our website to accept applications and payments online.  Future enhancements include commercial versions of the above permits.  Small projects requiring plans are also being studied to see if they can be integrated into EZ Permits.

Please complete the Contractor Authorization to Sign for Building Permits. Authorization to Sign for Building Permits are kept on file and do not need to be submitted with each permit application. The only time a new authorization is required is if it has expired or the information has changed.

Please understand that it may take up to 72 hours to process an EZ Permit Application as our staff works on these in between helping customers at the counter.  If you need the permit right away, please visit our office with the application, and we will process it over the counter.  Thank You.

EZ Permit Applications

*If your reroof job is located within a active HOA a copy of the HOA approval letter must accompany your application submittal in order for it to be processed. EFFECTIVE April 10, 2015 Reroof Permit Applications will have to be reviewed for Wildland Code by TMFD.
**Please note that this application has been updated with a Code Update Page.  Please read completely prior to submitting your application.

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