Note from the Chairman to All youth sports coordinators

GettyImages-844016022.jpgI wanted to take an opportunity to try and clear up some misunderstanding and bring some clarity to the new directives that have come out from the State of Nevada regarding youth/adult sports games. As these Directives from the state and county can be confusing and difficult to decipher so we want to provide everyone with some more detailed information and places to reference incase of further questions. I would like to remind everyone that these are the foundation of the current restrictions and that any league or organization can be stricter with their requirements and maintain those standards if they wish for their participants, families, and staff.  



  • Games/Tournaments, clinics, and practices are allowed and members of the public who are not players/participants, coaches, umpires/referees, league officials or staff may attend. 
  • Within Washoe County groups are limited to 499 or less individuals per individual sport venue which includes all spectator and surrounding areas. 
  • Groups larger than 499 will need to apply for a large gathering and event permit to operate. 
  • Available fields and courts should be restricted based on social distancing to reduce congestion and gathering of individuals. 
  • All attendees, including players when on the sidelines, must adhere to 6 feet social distancing except for members of the same household. 
  • Encourage social distancing through increased spacing during warm ups, small groups, and limited mixing between groups, and staggered scheduling, arrival, and drop off, if feasible. 
  • Games shall be timed to allow at least a 30 minute break between the finish and start of subsequent sessions, to allow for departure and arrival without crowding. 
  • All coaches and managers and other allowed attendees are required to wear face coverings under the provisions of Declaration of Emergency Directive 045. Players should wear face masks except while playing or exercising (e.g. on the sidelines). All requirements and guidelines outlined herein must be shared prior to the game(s) with all players and coaches. 
  • For each game a coach or manager is required to be designated to enforce all mandated directives including social distancing, face coverings, and cleaning. 
  • Players’ personal items and equipment should be spaced out at least 6 feet apart. 
  • Players should use their own equipment as much as possible. 
  • Players should bring their own water/beverage to consume during and after practice. No shared drinking fountains or coolers. 
  • No shared/communal snacks; no team water coolers or shared drinking stations. 
  • Ensure social distancing for all practice activities. 
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest guidance issued by the CDC, state and local health authorities.
  • Post informational signs regarding social distancing, facial coverings, and what to do if symptomatic.