Truckee Meadows Fire and Rescue Update


When disaster strikes, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and our regional partners urge all residents to sign up to receive critical emergency notifications through the CodeRED system.  To receive alerts, you must register your mobile phone number. These emergency notifications can include evacuation notices, shelter information, and other timely messages to keep you and your loved ones safe and informed.  Truckee Meadows Fire is also active on Twitter and Facebook (@TMFPD).   

Now is also an excellent time to become familiar with your community evacuation routes and identify multiple ways to leave the area.  Should a wildfire or other disasters strike, help us keep evacuation routes clear so we can quickly move our emergency and firefighting apparatus into the area, and you and your neighbors can escape.  When authorities announce an evacuation order, we urge you to leave the community. Traffic congestion slows us down and puts you and your property at risk.       

Prepare a "go bag" with the essentials sufficient enough to get you through three days.  Keep in mind each person's specific needs, such as medications. Have plenty of water, food items, blankets, and a first aid kit that includes flashlights and fresh batteries. And don't forget to keep essential documents in a fireproof safe.    

We cannot stress enough the importance of defensible space.  Defensible space is a fire-resistant zone free of leaves, debris, or flammable materials that extend 30 feet away from your home. Truckee Meadows Firefighters have suppressed many wildfires in Washoe County. Without a doubt, defensible space makes a significant impact on the survivability of a home.  Trim or cut back branches and limbs that can serve as ladder fuels and carry fire to your roof.     

We also urge you to evacuate your home should law enforcement or fire personnel call for it.  Pay attention to local television or radio stations for emergency alerts and current information and instructions.  If you feel unsafe in your home during a wildfire, don't wait to be told to leave – evacuate!     

Please take a moment to review our website at  It contains timely emergency and fire prevention information and how to be more prepared.  We appreciate your continued support of our firefighters and first responders. Stay safe!