Report lost and found pets

Reporting Lost pets

Please check for your missing pet before submitting a lost report.
In order to see all the dogs or cats, please only select the animal type and leave "no preference" in the other selections.
Look for your missing pet

If you do not see your pet online then please submit a lost report by using the links below.
Note: You will still need to check daily online or at the shelter for your pet. Submitting a lost report does not guarantee that we will call you if your pet comes in. Please upload a picture if possible and provide microchip or identification information.

Report your dog missing 

Report your cat missing 

Report your pet missing  (not a dog or cat)

Reporting Found pets

Please check the lost reports filed by pet owners before submitting a found report.
Check for pets reported lost by their owners

Note: A majority of pets are now microchipped. Please bring found pets to the shelter to be scanned and photographed.
If you do not see a lost report for the pet you found, please register a found report by using the links below.

Report a found dog 

Report a found cat

Report a found pet  (not a dog or cat)

Lost and found reports are retained for 30 days, if you need the report extended, please call us at (775)353-8900 and we will extend it for you. Even after filing a lost or found pet report, please continue to check daily with Animal Services by going online or coming into the shelter.