Lost Pet Tips


  • If your pet is wearing ID with your phone number on it, make sure you are available to answer your phone.
  • Search the neighborhood surrounding your home as your pet may not have traveled far. Ask your neighbors, postal carriers, and delivery drivers if they have seen an animal matching your pet's description.
  • Visit the Washoe County Regional Animal Services (WCRAS) as soon as possible. Washoe County Animal Services Officers pick up many lost pets every day and they may have already picked up yours. When you visit our facility, tour the entire shelter and look through the lost and found binders located in the front office. Check out the TV monitors located in the front lobby that show all of the found pets.
  • Complete a lost pet report  and include a picture as well as any additional information.
  • Visit our website for a complete listing of impounded animals. Pictures of animals are uploaded to the site every half hour. Note: the website only shows live animals, you must call or come in to the shelter to hear of animals picked up DOA (dead on arrival).
  • If your pet is microchipped, register the microchip number with WCRAS. This is a free service and allows WCRAS staff to contact you faster if your pet is found.
  • If your pet is registered and/or licensed with WCRAS, call and confirm that your information is current and inform us of any additional contact phone numbers.
  • Continue checking with WCRAS daily by either coming into the shelter, going online, or calling (775)353-8900 for individual assistance.
  • Make "Lost Pet" flyers with a picture of your pet and post them around your neighborhood and bulletin boards in the local grocery stores and feed stores. Include your pets name, the date and area you are missing your pet from. Make tabs at the bottom of your sign with your name and phone number in between cut dotted lines.
  • Check with local Veterinarians to see if someone has brought in a found pet.
  • Advertise in the lost pet section of your local newspapers and check the found pets column.
  • There are many sites on the internet you can check. Just type in "Lost Pets" or "Missing Pets" on your favorite search engine. Many people advertise lost and found pets on Craigslist.com and the Facebook page, Lost and Found Pets of Northern Nevada.

Whatever you do, don't give up!

Report your lost pet