Online License Renewal

If your dog's license was due between 3/19/2020 and 6/10/2020, you will need to license by mail, phone or in person in order for us to honor the 90 day extension. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 

To renew your dog's license online you will need the current license tag number and the person ID number. These numbers are located on the top of your renewal email or on the bottom left of your mailed notice. If you do not have these numbers, you can email or call the shelter to request them.

If the rabies certificate we have on file is expired, you will be required to provide a current rabies certificate: This can be uploaded online when you renew your license or sent in by fax, email or regular mail (see below).

Quick Tips

  • When you click the link at the bottom of this page, you will be redirected to
  • Select yes to the first and second question “Did you receive a notice?” and “Do you have the tag number and person ID?”
  • Enter your license tag number and your person ID number exactly as they are in the notice.
  • If you are renewing more than one dog, you only need one of the license numbers and you person ID number; this will show all your dogs that are currently eligible for renewal.
  • If the rabies we have on file is expired, please enter the new rabies information and upload the rabies certificate (.jpg format only).
  • After you click “Show me license types to choose from”, the page refreshes and you will need to scroll down to see the license type to choose.
  • If there are additional dogs to renew but they have passed away or have been given away, you can note that, and any other updates, in the comment box at the top of the shopping cart page.
  • Click “Continue to payment website” to be directed to a secure page for credit card payment to Washoe County.

Common Problems

  • The site cannot find my license.
    • You may have entered the current license number or person ID incorrectly or
    • Our system may show an invalid license status and you will need to contact WCRAS
  • I clicked the button to show me licenses to choose from but it does not do anything.
    • The page actually refreshes and the license selection is at the bottom of the page.
  • It is requiring a microchip and my dog does not have one or I don't know the number.
    • The microchip fields are not required, you can bypass them.

How to Submit a Rabies Certificate

  • Online when licensing by uploading certificate (certificate must be a jpeg file to upload).
  • By fax at (775) 856-4626 
  • By email to  
  • By mail to Washoe County Animal Services 2825 Longley Lane, Suite A, Reno NV 89502. ***Please make sure that the owner's name on the certificate is the same as the name the dog will be licensed under. If it is not, please write in the new owner's name and address so we can match it to the correct license.

I am ready to renew my license.