Paying Probation Supervision Fees

As a participant of the DAS program, you are required to pay either a monthly probation supervision fee or drug and alcohol testing fees at Sober 24. If you are out on a Pretrial Release, you are not required to pay the monthly probation supervision fee, but Sober 24 fees do apply. Formal Probation fees are $40 per month. An additional $10 per month will be added to your supervision fees if you are a participant in a specialty court. The specialty court participation fee is waived if you are participating in Sober 24. You can pay your fees monthly or weekly, as long as each month is paid in full by the last business day of the month.  If you have a difficult time keeping up on your fees because you are indigent, disabled, or do not make enough money, you may apply for financial assistance.  If you qualify, DAS will allow you do to Community Service in lieu of paying probation fees and will credit you $10 per hour.  (Financial Assistance Application) Community service does not apply to Sober 24 fees and these fees cannot be waived.

Failure to pay your fees may result in a violation of your probation and/or a delay of graduation from specialty court.  If your account becomes delinquent, you may be referred for collection action. 

DAS accepts cash, money orders, cashier's checks, credit cards and debit cards for payment of probation supervision fees.  We DO NOT accept personal checks.  Please do not send cash in the mail.  You may also pay online at  The 4-digit Pay Location Code is 8287. mailed to: Washoe County Department of Alternative Sentencing; P.O. Box 11130; Reno, NV 89520; or in person at Sober 24 1530 E. 6th St. Reno, NV