About Us


The Washoe County Department of Alternative Sentencing (DAS) was established by the Board of County Commissioner, utilizing Nevada Revised Statute 211A, in December, 2005. http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/NRS-211A.html DAS has a compliance based on court order and is compromised of a one to three year program.  The following is a list of possible requirements, depending on court orders and individual needs.  Failing to comply with court orders or program requirements may result in more stringent supervision, extended term of probation, a bench warrant being issued, incarceration, or revocation of the suspended sentence.

  • Defendants must be under court order to participate.  Probation is a condition of a suspended sentence or an order for pretrial supervision.
  • Participants must complete an orientation packet which includes an explanation of the court conditions and probation requirements.
  • Personal check-ins are required on a set schedule, which include random alcohol and drug tests, where they are participants of our Sober 24 program.
  • Participants are required to pay monthly supervision fees.
  • Some court orders include a number of community service hours.
  • Payment of all court-ordered fines, fees, and restitution are required.
  • Subjects of our program are subject to search and seizure and officers conduct random visits to their homes and places of employment.
  • Counseling for domestic violence cases or driving under the influences cases is usually required.
  • Electronic monitoring is often required.  There are several types with various supervision levels.
  • Victim Impact Panels are often ordered by the courts.
  • DAS requires probationers to be employed or in school and must provide proof or proof of job searching.

DAS will continue to reduce the revolving door effect by proactive supervision.  By increasing the number of defendants on probation and on house arrest, we will continue to reduce the jail population.


  • Public safety
  • Alternative to jail
  • Direct cost savings to tax-payers
  • Intense supervision to ensure compliance with court orders
  • Reduce recidivism


DAS monitors court-ordered community service hours at various local non-profit organizations to ensure court compliance.  Additionally, if found indigent according to financial assistance application guidelines and in collaboration with Washoe County Social Services, defendants may be permitted to conduct community service hours in lieu of their probation supervision fees.  Defendants must provide verifiable proof of hours worked. 


DAS supervises all participants of the Reno Justice Court specialty courts, including DUI Court, Domestic Violence Court, Young Offenders Court, Community Court, and CCP Court.


The Department of Alternative Sentencing and Reno Justice Court's specialty courts work with a social worker from Washoe County Adult Human Services who helps with resources, risk assessments, referrals, screenings, case management, and coordination with agencies in the community. 


Through the Reno Justice Court Specialty Courts programs, and with the social worker coordinating placements, DAS is also working with Catholic Charities/St. Vincent's to provide clean, safe, and friendly housing options for defendants in the programs.  These participants receive treatment for their substance abuse and/or mental health issues.