Crystal Peak Park [Map]

Old Highway 40, Verdi

Truckee River District Ranger: (775) 828-6612

Crystal Peak Park was once part of the town of Crystal Peak. The settlement was laid out in 1864, partly in Nevada and partly in California, three miles north of Verdi. As the first Nevada settlement to benefit from the temporary prosperity of the Central Pacific Railroad's construction, it was reputed to be the rowdiest town in the western part of the state. The name, Crystal Peak, was given to the settlement because of the crystallized gold quartz found in a mountain a few miles away by the Crystal Peak Company. Today the town has virtually disappeared, but a great park awaits you. Just up river from the park is a "trophy fish" section of the Truckee River. The river is accessible from both sides of the park and is popular with anglers and rafters alike. An overflow parking area was added in the summer of 2004 due to the popularity of the park.

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