View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

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Reno Justice Court

Judge Patricia A. Lynch, Judge Peter J. Sferrazza,
Judge Scott E. Pearson, Judge David Clifton, Judge Pierre A. Hascheff

Steve Tuttle
Court Administrator

Per the 2013 Nevada Legislature, new Civil Division fees are in effect July 1, 2013


It is the mission of Justice Courts to promote and preserve the rule of law and protection of property rights by providing a fair, independent, and impartial forum for the peaceful resolution of legal conflicts according to the law.  Further, it is the mission of  Justice Courts to provide judicial services in such a manner as to: 1) promote access to justice; 2) adjudicate cases in an expeditious and timely manner; 3) utilize public resources efficiently and effectively such that it demonstrates accountability and engenders public trust and confidence; and 4) promote an understanding of the Courts as a vital component of the tripartite system of government, independent of and co-equal to the Legislative and Executive branches. 

The information contained on this website is provided as a reference guide.  The statements herein do not necessarily represent the view of the Court on the outcome of any case.  Furthermore, no copyright is claimed in this text, the policies or information contained herein.  The legal citations contained herein are subject to statutory amendment and/or change in Nevada case law.  Moreover, the Court`s policies set forth herein and each judge`s interpretation of the law are subject to change at any time. For more detailed information about your legal rights and remedies, you are encouraged to contact an attorney.