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Press Release Media Contact: Phil Ulibarri, 775-328-2414
For Immediate Release tel. Charlene Albee, 775-784-7200
website: 09-18

Wood Burning Ban Issued For The Truckee Meadows – Commercial Burning Included

Reno, NV – For the first time since 1994, Air Quality Management staff from the Washoe County Health District will be out on patrol, looking for smoking fireplace chimneys. Mary Anderson, MD, MPH, issued a RED Burn Ban this morning at 9:30, when fine particulate matter (smaller than 2.5 microns in size) reached reach the unhealthful level.

It is currently illegal to burn wood stoves and fireplaces in the Truckee Meadows, including North to Stead; South to Galena; East to Vista; and West to Mogul. Residents with severe breathing problems may also be affected and are encouraged to stay indoors until the ban has been lifted. The Washoe County School District has also been advised to keep children from strenuous outdoor exercise during this alert.

The National Weather Station has advised a change in weather patterns for this evening which may include light winds and moisture. Should this occur, it is very likely the air pollution level will drop back into the good range. Air Quality Index (AQI) levels include zero to 50 equals good air quality - which is GREEN and allows wood burning; 51 to 100 is considered moderate – which is YELLOW and asks that all burning be curtailed; over 100 is unhealthful and over 200 is very unhealthful – which is RED and is a mandatory no burning code. Please call 775-785-4110 for both air quality and health updates. For other information about air quality, please call 775-784-7200, or visit our web page at


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