Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...


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Map Title Map Type Submitted By Date Received Location Status Date Recorded Map#
Rising Tides, LLC RS/BLA Wood Rodgers          
Future Beginnings LLC (Marina Village Condos) Reversion Tract Map Lumos & Associates 01/17/13 Sec. 3, T19N-R20E Additional Clarification - 01/25/13    
Cashman Equipment Company Reversion Parcel Wood Rodgers 04/15/13 Sec. 9, T19N-R20E Additional Clarification 04/18/13    
Rellim Properties, LLC PM Merger and Resub Landmark Surveying 08/28/13 Sec. 4, T19N-R20E Additional Clarification 09/04/13    
Galleria Station II Tract Wood Rodgers 11/26/13 Sec. 21, T20N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 06/26/14 06/26/14 T5085
Sparks Legends Development, Inc. PM Merger and Resub Odyssey 12/12/13 Secs. 3 and 10, T19N-R20E Additional Clarification 12/20/13    
Kiley Ranch South Phase III, Parcel C, The Pinnacles Phase III Tract Harlan King 03/04/14 Sec. 22, T20N-R20E Additional Clarification 03/20/14    
Livona Lopshire and Brenda Frieberger Reversion Tract Map Landmark Surveying 04/10/14 Sec. 5, T19N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 06/04/14 06/04/14 T5080
Sharon K. Lieberstein Merger and Resub PM Castle Land Surveying 04/28/14 Sec. 5, T19N-R20E Additional Clarification 05/05/14    
Wolfhound Holdings, LLC Merger and Resub PM Tri State 05/13/14 Sec. 8, T19N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 06/18/14 06/18/14 P5126
Rising Tides, LLC RS/BLA Wood Rodgers 06/02/14 Secs. 10 and 15, T20N-R20E Mapcheck Complete 06/27/14 06/30/14 S5583
Upper Highlands at Cimarron East - Phase 4 Tract Map Summit 06/02/14 Sec. 5, T20N-R21E Additional Clarification 06/16/14    
Ryder-Duda III, LLC PM Wood Rodgers 06/09/14 Sec. 6, T20N-R21E Mapcheck Complete 07/17/14 07/17/14 P5132
Ryder-Duda III, LLC 2nd PM Wood Rodgers 06/09/14 Sec. 6, T230N-R21E Mapcheck Complete 07/17/14 07/17/14 P5133
Trento @ D'Andrea Subdivision Tract Map Manhard 06/16/14 Secs. 35 & 36, T20N-R20E Additional Clarification 06/23/14    
Granite Construction Company Merger and Resub PM CFA 07/10/14 Sec. 8, T19N-R20E Additional Clarification 07/18/14    
Kiley Ranch Village 38, Phase 1 Tract Map Wood Rodgers 07/10/14 Sec. 15, T20N-R20E Additional Clarification 07/18/14